2014 Jeep Cherokee: An explosion of hip off-road colors

After writing about the Jeep Cherokee earlier today I started to wonder how it might look like in a few other colors. Using what little knowledge I have of Photoshop, I made the following colorized versions of Jeep’s new CUV in Trailhawk trim. » 4/13/13 10:41am 4/13/13 10:41am

The 2008 Dodge Viper Is A Rainbow Warrior!

Oh man, have we gone and done it — we showed you the SRT10 in snakeskin green the other day. Now, thanks to our man Nick, we've come upon the mother lode. That's right, here's the whole range o' colors for all the world to see. Just clicky the "more" link below and check out the rainbow of fruity flavors for yourself. » 7/12/07 10:30am 7/12/07 10:30am