Cadillac still working on S-Class-fighting flagship

Although Cadillac has talked about building a real flagship sedan for years (heck, we'd heard they were talking about it in 2006), a world-beating full-size sedan hasn't been a part of the lineup in, like, forever. And while the Cadillac XTS, a stretched version of the front-wheel-drive Epsilon platform underneath the… » 4/26/11 11:00am 4/26/11 11:00am

"Maximum" Bob Lutz Answers Any Question You Have, As Long As The Questions Are About Concept Cars

Looks like everyone's favorite vice-chairman born from jets sat down with the blogging side of the General last week to answer some reader questions from the GM blog that's all about living life in the FastLane. And by reader "questions" we mean one question in particular: » 7/02/07 3:45pm 7/02/07 3:45pm

Lutz explains by throwing down some…

Caddy, I Want A Wagon! CTS Coupe And Wagon Still In The Mix

We'd already heard the reports from a couple of different whispering lips. Plus we knew Winding Road's super-secret loin-burger eating source at the General already confirmed a coupe version of the CTS to them via carrier pigeon. Heck, even Automotive News has come out from behind their wall of subscription-secrecy … » 12/27/06 10:38am 12/27/06 10:38am

Wiki Rumor Mongering: Cadillac "S-Class" Coming in 2009

A detail-oriented Wiki reader and denizen of GM Inside News caught a line in the Wikipedia entry for the Cadillac Sixteen concept. To wit: » 6/27/06 1:30pm 6/27/06 1:30pm

Is someone (at GM?) seeding Wiki with inside info to generate interest, or is some Wiki editor just more tuned in than most of the auto press. And would Cadillac steal the…