Pininfarina Sintesi Concept Hits Geneva Show Floor

Pininfarina's Sintesi concept may remind us of the company's Birdcage 75 concept (that's like Airport 75 with less George Kennedy) from a few years back. But it does have quad scissor doors, which means it qualifies for double-Lambo status. That'll get you a free drink at any Dave and Buster's. Also, the dash has that… » 3/04/08 11:15am 3/04/08 11:15am

Pininfarina Sintesi Concept Sketch Revealed

The Pininfarina Sintesi concept claims to combine the safety and functionality of the 2004 Nido with the pure sex appeal of the 2005 Birdcage 75th concept. We're guessing that lands it somewhere in the dreaded crossover category. Pininfarina will unveil the car at the Geneva Motor Show in March. let's hope it doesn't… » 1/29/08 12:30pm 1/29/08 12:30pm