Verstappen Said Dad "Would Have Kicked Me In The Nuts" If He Followed Team Order

Max Verstappen’s refusal to follow Toro Rosso’s team order for him to let teammate Carlos Sainz Jr. pass has been vindicated after the fact. Not only was Sainz not anywhere close to Verstappen’s car, but both team principal Franz Tost and Verstappen’s dad and ex-Formula One driver Jos Verstappen say Max made the right… »9/23/15 1:16pm9/23/15 1:16pm


Ferrari To Apologize To Singapore Grand Prix Officials For Bonehead Post-Race Move

Ferrari’s Formula One race mechanics rushed into a closed off parc fermé area after the Singapore Grand Prix, prompting them to see the stewards after the race. Those stewards have now mandated that Ferrari apologize to the race officials and security staff, per Autosport.
»9/20/15 3:03pm9/20/15 3:03pm

Max Verstappen Says “No!” Over Team Radio To Letting His Teammate Pass

Whether you love or hate team orders, you have to empathize with the poor driver who gets one. Scuderia Toro Rosso’s Max Verstappen — perhaps following in Red Bull teams’ alumni Sebastian Vettel’s footsteps — decided that he wasn’t going to take it, and called out “NO!” over the radio. »9/20/15 12:33pm9/20/15 12:33pm

The Singapore Grand Prix Was Great For Ferrari And Pretty Much Nobody Else 

As the Sky Sports announcers said themselves, this season of Formula One has often been a game of who can finish third behind the Mercedes cars. Not so in Singapore this evening, where a chaotic race gave Ferrari their first double podium of the season and plenty of memorable moments. »9/20/15 11:47am9/20/15 11:47am

Sebastian Vettel Ends Pole Position Dry Spell for Ferrari, Tops Singapore Qualifying

Scoring the first Formula One pole position for Ferrari in more than three years, Sebastian Vettel will lead the field in Sunday’s Singapore Grand Prix. Perhaps equally as newsworthy, it won’t be Lewis Hamilton out front again — at least, he won’t be when the race starts. »9/19/15 10:49am9/19/15 10:49am

Red Bull May Have Invented A Secret New Hybrid Technology

At the Singapore Grand Prix two weekends ago, Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel won by an unbelievable 32 second margin over his closest rival. Seriously, it's unbelievable. Now F1 experts believe that Red Bull Racing's F1 engineers may have invented a new kind of traction control that links the car's hybrid engine to… »10/08/13 3:43pm10/08/13 3:43pm

Singapore Formula 1 Night Race Photo Gallery Shows Off Amazing Festival Of Lights

These 28 photos of racing action — some of the most breathtaking racing photos we've ever seen — are proof the backdrop for this weekend's Singapore show-down, the first nighttime race in F1 history, was more important than the results »9/29/08 3:21pm9/29/08 3:21pm. We can talk about increased viewership, unpredictability or whatever else until…

Shots From Singapore Formula 1 Night Race Show An Amazing Light Show

This past weekend's Singapore Grand Prix »9/29/08 12:45pm9/29/08 12:45pm, the first-ever night race in Formula One, was guaranteed to grab the attention of even the most disenfranchised F1 fan. But why is that exactly? In a word, "unpredictability." The clear reason so many people have become bored with F1 is not because the cars aren't fast enough,…

McLaren Formula One Team Fitting Mock Headlights For Singapore Night Race

Look closely at about the 0:17 mark in this video. Those are headlights. On an F1 car. Of course, it's all just a joke — apparently the boys at the McLaren Mercedes F1 team have a sense of humor after all. Granted, we're still waiting to see just how well the lighting system at this weekend's Singapore Grand Prix »9/25/08 3:48pm9/25/08 3:48pm will…

Details of Singapore Grand Prix, F1's First Night Race Emerge

They may not be getting new Formula One engines anytime soon, but F1 fans will get to enjoy the first-ever F1 night race in 2008. The Singapore Grand Prix is set to start at 8:00 pm local time, making it the darkest F1 race in history. Italian lighting firm Valerio Maioli S.p.a. will use a state-of-the-art system to… »12/13/07 9:45am12/13/07 9:45am