Simpsons Go Hyman-Busting Before Showing 2007 Dodge Avenger Cameo

Nope, you're not seeing double — that's the same video we ran earlier. But jeez, we just had to. We mean, we leave the office for a few hours to catch opening day and we can't even get the one thing we wanted run right today to actually get run right. First off, Springfield Dodge is trying to sell off the remainder of… »3/31/08 6:19pm3/31/08 6:19pm

Homer Simpson Loves The New Cadillac CTS More Than The Canyonero

As an auto-lover, if you were tuned in to last night's episode of the Simpsons, you weren't disappointed. The longest-running show to not jump the shark showed exactly why it hasn't. Homer's old beater-mobile got one too many dings rear-ending the back of a Pacer look-alike (with what we're assuming can only be an… »3/03/08 12:30pm3/03/08 12:30pm

Simpsons Game Spoofs "Grand Theft Auto," Makes Us Want An XBOX 360

No, folks, we haven't accidentally spliced something over from our video game obsessed friends at Kotaku. We swear this is auto-related. Bear with us a moment while we explain. We've held off on buying an XBOX 360, stoically standing by and watching as friend after friend purchased one. Until today we didn't realize… »9/20/07 7:00pm9/20/07 7:00pm