Note to 'American Idol' Prospects: Cowell Doesn't Appreciate Car-Broiled Dog

As an odd, cred-killing side-note, one Jalopnik was actually in both the El Camino High Madrigal choir, as well as the Central Valley Regional Honor Choir with American Idol contestant Mandisa Hundley, who is a very nice woman and only accused us of being a racist once, when we, as a part of a pre-Homecoming stunt,… » 8/14/06 11:00pm 8/14/06 11:00pm

Classic Top Gear: Clarkson Had A Bad Day With Simon Cowell

With us unable to get our weekly fix of Top Gear due to the dang-blasted turbo-rammin' soccer thing going on in East Germany, we're forced to trawl the internets in a manner usually reserved for PR0N episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. But oh wait, what have we found in the archives YouTube? Why — could it be the… » 6/14/06 6:45pm 6/14/06 6:45pm