She's So Fine, My 2351cc! Simca Chambord Alert!

I've forgotten my dream of owning a Harlequin Trabant with air horns, because I have found something even better Over There, in the land where our heroic doughboys braved mustard gas and Minenwerfers to fight the Kaiser: a 1959 Simca Chambord. The evolution of the Vedette R gence, the body of the '59 Chambord showed… » 2/16/07 9:45am 2/16/07 9:45am

No Le Importa Los Caminos Difíciles! El Simca Mil!

I used to work with a guy who had been a factory driver for Triumph in the early 60s, and he kept his racing jones alive by driving a restored Simca-Abarth in the vintage-racing circuit. It was kinda cool seeing all his photos of sideways Simca action, trading paint with Porsche 356s and the like, and since then… » 2/16/07 8:30am 2/16/07 8:30am