Project Car Hell: Silver Shadow or Bagheera?

As I'm sure you all know, Friday's Choose Your Eternity poll was the most one-sided yet, with the Quadra-Opel option absolutely vaporizing the Bi-Fiat choice. It would be interesting to see how a single Opel GT would fare against its Fiat 600 counterpart in a head-to-head matchup... but that will have to wait for… » 8/06/07 5:30pm 8/06/07 5:30pm

Simcamino: Très Belle!

This seems to be a '61 Simca Aronde with a custom truck bed installed, which gets an enthusiastic Jalopnik Stamp-o-Approval™. The only drawback is that you have to go to France to get it, but that's a small price to pay to become the only Simcamino owner in your town! Currently sitting at a 3,000 Euro bid price, but… » 6/27/07 12:30pm 6/27/07 12:30pm

Sr De Vous, Sr D'Elle: The Simca Vedette

The 1959 Simca Vedette packed V8 punch and the crypto-automatic "Rush-Matic" transmission. And, according to this ad, it could even drive itself (though at one point a mysterious gloved hand appears to poke the Rush-Matic buttons). Those crafty Franco-Chrysler engineers had their act together! » 2/28/07 9:47am 2/28/07 9:47am

Keeping Brazil's Highways Safe, Simca Style!

I was chatting with a Brazilian coworker earlier, and he mentioned a favorite TV show from his childhood that was sort of a Brazilian forerunner to CHiPs: O Vigilante Rodovi rio. The plot centers around a heroic highway patrolman and his German shepherd, Lobo, fighting crime... but that's not important. The important » 2/27/07 4:59pm 2/27/07 4:59pm

She's So Fine, My 2351cc! Simca Chambord Alert!

I've forgotten my dream of owning a Harlequin Trabant with air horns, because I have found something even better Over There, in the land where our heroic doughboys braved mustard gas and Minenwerfers to fight the Kaiser: a 1959 Simca Chambord. The evolution of the Vedette R gence, the body of the '59 Chambord showed… » 2/16/07 9:45am 2/16/07 9:45am

No Le Importa Los Caminos Difíciles! El Simca Mil!

I used to work with a guy who had been a factory driver for Triumph in the early 60s, and he kept his racing jones alive by driving a restored Simca-Abarth in the vintage-racing circuit. It was kinda cool seeing all his photos of sideways Simca action, trading paint with Porsche 356s and the like, and since then… » 2/16/07 8:30am 2/16/07 8:30am

Je Suis Simca Aronde!

Yes kids, it's the car that turned Simca, for a brief, shining moment into the second-brightest sales star in the nighttime skies over Bordeaux: the Simca Aronde. It debuted in 1951, and eventually made a whopping 70hp via its Rush Super engine, which is possibly the third greatest engine name in history, behind… » 11/29/06 3:00am 11/29/06 3:00am