Tesla Electric Car Pics Leaked!

The new electric supercar named after the guy who gave his name to the band who gave us Little Suzi was set for a proper unveiling tomorrow. The Internet being what it is, photos of the roadster — once reported to be based on the Lotus Elise — leaked a day early. No specs yet kids, but they'll be Cumin Atcha Live… » 7/19/06 9:36pm 7/19/06 9:36pm

Four-Battery Acoustical Jam: Tesla Not an Electric Elise

We've heard from a source with even more of a rep than our previous source that although Tesla Motors has a relationship with Lotus, the final product will not be the Elise, everyone's favorite psychotic supper, with the Toyota mill replaced with batteries and spinny electrical devices. Meanwhile, Tommy Skeoch and… » 6/09/06 9:08pm 6/09/06 9:08pm