Is The Orange McLaren 650S In Silicon Valley Really A Special Color?

Last night on HBO’s very funny show about Silicon Valley dipshits, Silicon Valley, they introduced a whole new kind of dipshit, and this fascinating one at least has the balls to drive something other than a Prius. It’s a McLaren 650S, and on the show they claim the color is a one-off. Is it? » 4/27/15 1:43pm 4/27/15 1:43pm

Ford CEO Thinks They're 'Cool Enough' To Compete With Apple And Google

When Ford opened up its first Silicon Valley research center in 2012, it was late to the game. Nearly every major automaker had been in the area for years, with BMW and Mercedes staking a claim in the '90s. Now Ford is getting serious, with a new facility and a 125-person team working right down the road from Stanford. » 1/22/15 1:55pm 1/22/15 1:55pm

Uber's Toughest Year Yet

There are many ride sharing services that provide an alternative to traditional taxi cabs, but none larger than Uber. With backing from big names like Google Ventures, Goldman Sachs and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Uber has expanded globally and asserted its dominance in cities across the United States. They're now… » 12/30/14 1:25pm 12/30/14 1:25pm

I Flew to Work in the Uber for the Skies

Flying from LA to San Francisco on business is a task normally fraught with stress and rage. But today, my journey begins from a better place. Instead of the gargantuan mess that is LAX, my Uber rolls up to a tiny airport three miles to the east. I start to realize just how different my work commute will be today. » 9/29/14 3:12pm 9/29/14 3:12pm

This Is Elon Musk's Pink YouTube Waking Nightmare

This video comes to us via Valleywag since its host, Venture Capitalist's daughter Jesse Draper is taking her YouTube show to the illustrious world of public access television. While this video comes from 2009, us at the Jalopnik World Headquarters Bunker Next To Travis' Apartment had never seen it and boy is it a… » 5/06/14 9:00am 5/06/14 9:00am

Four-Battery Acoustical Jam: Tesla Not an Electric Elise

We've heard from a source with even more of a rep than our previous source that although Tesla Motors has a relationship with Lotus, the final product will not be the Elise, everyone's favorite psychotic supper, with the Toyota mill replaced with batteries and spinny electrical devices. Meanwhile, Tommy Skeoch and… » 6/09/06 9:08pm 6/09/06 9:08pm

Silicon Valley's Electric Supercar: The Tesla Roadster

A group of dot-com cowboys of the modern day are planning to stand the electric-car industry on its dainty, little ear. Actually, the group is covering similar ground as the Venturi F tish, Mullen GT and Wrightspeed EV — all big-bucks, performance-oriented EVs. They're building a new, high-tech — and high-end —… » 6/07/06 8:22am 6/07/06 8:22am