Sydney Has Rolled Out the World's First E Ink Traffic Signs

E Ink displays are an attractive way of displaying information that doesn’t change by the second: they don’t use much power, are easy to read in variable lighting, and happen to be relatively affordable. Now, they’re finding use not just in handheld devices, though—but on the streets of Sydney, Australia. »7/28/15 10:45am7/28/15 10:45am


Chicago Burb Uses Catch Phrases to Stimulate Stoppage

Apparently, motorists blowing off stop signs is a problem in Oak Lawn, Illinois. A big enough problem, that is, to spur a course of action suggesting there may be some drinking going on at council meetings. The Chicago suburb — hometown to members of both Disturbed and REO Speedwagon — has added second stop signs… »10/01/07 11:15am10/01/07 11:15am