Flying In The Backcountry Is Primal Stick and Rudder Aviation

High in the plateaus of the Sierra Nevada, internal combustion engines struggle for breath in the thin mountain air. Where the landing roll is short, but takeoff distance is eternal. Follow a group of modern day trailblazers on a high flying expedition to a giant sandbox for pilot's. » 1/20/15 8:38pm 1/20/15 8:38pm

Sore Loser Puts SpaceX And Boeing Spaceship Development On Hold

In September, NASA announced it would be funding two private spacecraft designed to ferry astronauts to and from Earth orbit: Boeing's CST-100 and the SpaceX Dragon V2. A third competitor, Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser, wasn't picked, and as a result, Sierra Nevada is challenging the decision, placing all projects on… » 10/06/14 3:50pm 10/06/14 3:50pm