Next Up, Skynet: Siemens Teaches Cars to Read!

Never let it be said that the Germans haven't done their part for literacy. Besides providing the world with the works of Goethe, Brecht and Werner von Braun, Deutschland also gave rise to industrial conglomerate Siemens, who've developed a system that reads speed limit signs and can adjust a vehicle's speed downward… » 3/06/07 7:30pm 3/06/07 7:30pm

New Siemens VDO Technology Parallel-Parks Cars Automatically

Oh, you'll have your revenge on that mean, short-sleeve-shirted DMV driver's test monitor who said evaluating your parallel parking skills was like watching Ray Charles cook trout almondine. Electronics giant Siemens VDO is working on a new system that will not only find a proper spot, but also handle most of the… » 2/03/06 8:58am 2/03/06 8:58am