​Live Your Cosmonaut Fantasies With This MIR-Replica Sidecar

Ever wanted to sail through space on an mechanically unsound rust bucket while drinking Vodka from a sippy cup? Now you can! This MIR replica Ural sidecar pays homage to the pioneering Soviet space station. » 10/21/14 3:10pm 10/21/14 3:10pm

Crazy Russian Bus Driver Stops On Broken Steam Pipe, Burns Passengers

A hot water pipe broke in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. While most were smart enough to stay far from the gushing steam, a local bus driver thought his bus could deal with it. The result? 13 injured. Way to go. » 5/27/14 4:28pm 5/27/14 4:28pm

This Siberian Road Swallows 22-Wheeler Trucks

In Siberia, this is called a road. In America, this is called a massive mud pit big enough to topple 22-wheeler trucks and everything else short of a tractor. » 11/26/13 2:00pm 11/26/13 2:00pm

Loading Russia's Largest Dump Truck

This is the BelAZ 75600, Russia's largest dump truck, getting loaded up with rocks at the Bachatsky coal mine in Siberia. Nothing unexpected happens in this video. I just love it because I am secretly five years old. » 5/14/13 10:21am 5/14/13 10:21am

Animal Lover Vladimir Putin Teaches Flock Of Cranes How To Fly South…

Most larger-than-life leaders need to invent stories about their larger-than-life accomplishments. Not Vladimir Putin: When he says he taught birds how to fly south for the winter, believe it. » 9/06/12 10:59am 9/06/12 10:59am

Inside an abandoned Siberian Soviet military factory

This thing? I found it inside an abandoned square-mile Soviet-era military factory in Siberia. It would have worn a gas mask to help illustrate to workers proper safety protocols upon nuclear war with America. Now, it's just another artifact of the USSR's once mighty military machine. » 12/07/11 2:30pm 12/07/11 2:30pm

Riding sidecars in the frozen Siberian winter

Back in July, I rolled a Ural sidecar into a ditch off road and pretty much snapped my left wrist in half. Last week, I rode one for the first time since that accident. In Siberia. In the snow. In sub-zero temperatures. Was it scary? Absolutely. But no other vehicle could have gotten me here. » 12/02/11 12:00pm 12/02/11 12:00pm

Siberian pilot serves drinks, gives shaves with helicopter

To promote his business, a Siberian entrepreneur had his pilot turn his helicopter into a butler — opening bottles, delivering drinks and finally shaving a volunteer's stubble with a razor. Impaled by a rotor/is no way to die/but all the girls/will say you look fly/Chopper Shave. » 5/10/11 10:00am 5/10/11 10:00am