Honda Civic HFP Concept Sits Efficiently On SEMA Show Floor

It may not be the spiritual successor to the CRX HF, but the Honda Civic HFP Concept is the result of Honda Access America — the in-house accessory division — taking a Civic Si »11/06/08 8:30am11/06/08 8:30am and adding lightness. Both exhaust and wheels have been replaced with high-performance ultra-lightweight versions, while an aero body kit…

We Need Some Stinking Doors: Honda Reveals the Civic Si Sedan

A Honda Si Civic sedan? Surely, you jest. (Nope, this is a jest-free post). Remember that concept Si sedan Honda showed off in Chicago earlier this year? It's going into production for 2007. It'll be powered by the same 197-hp four as in the Civic Si coupe, along with the same six-speed manual, traction control and… »9/01/06 8:19am9/01/06 8:19am