We Need Some Stinking Doors: Honda Reveals the Civic Si Sedan

A Honda Si Civic sedan? Surely, you jest. (Nope, this is a jest-free post). Remember that concept Si sedan Honda showed off in Chicago earlier this year? It's going into production for 2007. It'll be powered by the same 197-hp four as in the Civic Si coupe, along with the same six-speed manual, traction control and… » 9/01/06 8:19am 9/01/06 8:19am

Chicago Premiere: Honda Civic Si Sedan Concept

Send in the hoons! Honda just uncovered a new Civic Si that sports telltale wing, 197hp i-VTEC mill, six-speed manual and four doors. That's right, the Civic Si see-dan, officially a concept car, will be a straight-up 2007 production model when it's introduced later this year (in the fall, says Honda). It also sports… » 2/08/06 4:34pm 2/08/06 4:34pm