Welcome to BMW Welt, Where Corporate Whoring Meets Pretty Architecture

I used to believe that there was a fine line between automobiles and architecture, but BMW has come along and shattered those preconceived notions with BMW Welt, or BMW World, a showroom, mall "delivery center." This industrial- and futuristic-looking building holds all things BMW. Most importantly it is where… »1/25/08 11:15am1/25/08 11:15am


Car Turntables And A Microphone: The Hovair Auto Turntable

Do you have a car with a zero-degree turn radius? Are you lazy, and not looking forward to all of the hard work it takes to back out of your garage? Would you like to put your automotive masterpiece on your lawn and spin it right round like a record for all the neighbors to see? Yes, that's right — if you answered… »7/24/06 3:45pm7/24/06 3:45pm