The Best Hearses For People Who Love Cars

Chances are that, for most of us, if there's any identifiable bits of us left after that final racecar/hovercraft/threshing machine accident, our last trip on Earth will be in a hearse of some sort. But why get stuck in some boring old black wagon with landau bars? We should pick what we want now. So let's do it! » 7/16/14 11:59am 7/16/14 11:59am

What Is The Most "Independent" New Car For Sale?

Today we celebrate American independence with grilled meats, explosions and booze. This holiday weekend is also a pretty good time to buy a car. You will find plenty of dealerships with inflatable Uncle Sams or bald eagles (please someone find me a picture of this) promising "explosive deals!" » 7/04/14 6:19pm 7/04/14 6:19pm