Jalopnik Is Ten! Show Us Your Favorite Stories From The Last Decade

It was ten years ago today when a man named Spinelli with the voice of a young Hunter S. Thompson and the hair of an old Exene Cervenka set out to forever change the way we consume automotive media, one $10 post at a time. In honor of of us not becoming a Gizmodo subblog, show us your favorite stories from the last… » 10/11/14 12:02pm 10/11/14 12:02pm

Let's Add Cars To Old Landscape Paintings

I studied Art History in college, and one of the categories of paintings I paid the least attention to were landscapes. Especially big, majestic, beautifully-rendered landscapes from, say the 1700s and 1800s. I respect them, but they never really did it for me. And I think I know why: they have hardly any cars in them. » 10/10/14 7:30pm 10/10/14 7:30pm

What's Your Favorite 10-Year-Old Car?

Jalopnik's passing the decade mark tomorrow, and so are some great cars. First to my mind is the third-gen Acura TL; a crisp six-speed manual option and NSX seats sprinkled just enough spice on Honda's luxury lineup to be interesting without ruffling the feathers of beige buyers. What else was awesome from that era? » 10/10/14 4:16pm 10/10/14 4:16pm