Help Me Pick The Best Bike Hauler Under $20K

Last week, Jalopnik posted a question of the day asking for suggestions on the best surprisingly effective tow vehicle after I was talking with some of them about needing something to tow motorcycles around. In true Jalopnik fashion, all of the answers were funny, but none were helpful. So now I’m asking you to help… »9/15/15 4:52pm9/15/15 4:52pm

What Cars Would Be What Pieces In A Hot Wheels Chess Set?

Our more astute readers may have noticed this interesting fact already: chess pieces and Hot Wheels (or Matchbox, or similar) cars are both small, solid objects that can be held easily in one hand. I’ve confirmed this with a double-blind study. This fact leads to one question: what cars would be what chess pieces? »9/14/15 11:29pm9/14/15 11:29pm