Abandoned Cruise Ship Full of Starving Rats Headed For Land

A ghost ship filled with cannibal rats is floating somewhere off the coast of Scotland, ready to crash ashore and unleash its disease-ridden cargo of starving rodents. And it's all because Canadian authorities let the Soviet-era nightmare liner loose in the North Atlantic, satisfied that it was no longer a threat to… »1/23/14 2:38pm1/23/14 2:38pm


BREAKING UP! 5,000 Japanese Cars on Doomed Freighter

A Singaporian merchant ship carrying nearly 5,000 Japanese cars is taking on water south of the Aleutian islands. A Coast Guard rescue team evacuated the crew of the Cougar Ace, which had been bound for Tacoma, Washington. The ship is still listing and taking on water, but authorities have no plans to save the cars —… »7/25/06 10:40am7/25/06 10:40am