Shia LaBeouf's Accident Debris Offered For Sale On Ebay

Seems an enterprising fellow in LA scooped up the leftovers from Shia LaBeouf's alleged drunk driving accident and offered them up to the seething masses on eBay. Why not make a buck, right? Well, it seems the seller couldn't handle the heat generated by thousands of teenage girls and confused boys venting their love… »8/01/08 4:00pm8/01/08 4:00pm


Shia LaBeouf's Passenger During Alleged DUI-Related Accident Was Transformers 2 Co-Star Isabel Lucas

The name of the passenger in Shia LeBeouf's alleged DUI accident in LA this weekend wasn't initially released: Turns out it was Transformers 2 co-star and Aussie hottie Isabel Lucas. If you happen to be Shia "The Beef," and find yourself inexplicably famous after last summer's Transformers movie and this summer's … »7/29/08 4:40pm7/29/08 4:40pm