Chinese Police Destroy More Than 14,000 Illegal Motorcycles In Orgy Of …

Shenzhen police have confiscated and destroyed 14,277 supposedly illegal motorcycles in China's southern Guangdong province. According to ChinaCarTimes, new motorcycle registrations in the city of 12,000,000 have been outlawed due to roaming motorcycle gangs, bent on petty theft and a lust for purse snatching. Although … » 8/01/08 10:41am 8/01/08 10:41am

My Constituents, Stop Buying Cars!

Mayor Xu Zongheng of the Chinese burg of Shenzhen has not called for residents of his fair city to purchase more Leadbelly recordings, keep domesticated dik-diks as housepets and to stock up on Icelandic gustatory staples. Rather, he has implored the citizens in his charge to stop purchasing motor vehicles so rashly,… » 7/06/07 6:30pm 7/06/07 6:30pm