Shell Concedes That Drilling Off the Alaskan Coast Is a Really Bad, Really Expensive Idea

After spending $7 billion drilling for oil and gas in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska, oil giant Shell announced today it will cease all drilling due to “a clearly disappointing exploration outcome.” This means there might be zero drilling off Alaska’s Arctic coast in the near future. »9/28/15 7:03pm9/28/15 7:03pm

Why Doesn't Anyone Want To Build Gordon Murray's City Car?

Gordon Murray’s T.25 city car concept seems to be doomed. First, it looked like the pair would see production next year. Then Yamaha made a concept for the Tokyo Auto Show using Murray’s iStream build process. Now, Shell and Geo joined in to “totally re-think” the 2010 car, but still won’t put it into production. »4/09/15 2:44pm4/09/15 2:44pm

This City-Sized Gas Plant Has The Next Big Idea To Save The Planet

Nine billion tons of things you buy get to your hands via trucks. Most structures are put up by cranes and bulldozers. All those vehicles run on diesel, and at the Pearl Plant in Qatar, Shell is cooking up an alternative fuel that could drop directly in those engines, making them immediately more efficient and more… »7/07/14 4:58pm7/07/14 4:58pm

The invisible and secretive blood of Formula 1 (with pretty pictures of F1 cars)

F1's turbocharged racing engines, past and present, require fuel that's perfectly adapted to their incredible demands. We talked to the man in charge of tailoring Shell's fuel for Ferrari, and also got close to one of the 1000+ horsepower monsters that made F1 in the 1980's so thrilling. Check it out. »3/16/14 12:17am3/16/14 12:17am

Al Navarro Does Detroit: What Kind of Commercial Does Three-and-a-Half Enzos Buy You?

Al Navarro is a co-founder of Mint Advertising, an independent advertising agency in New Jersey. He also drives a Caterham Superlight R, so don't front.

I apologize in advance that this first in a series is on the long side. I use the extra words to explain some things here and there, including the overall format… »11/28/07 1:30pm11/28/07 1:30pm

Ferrari Celebrates 60th Birthday With Live-Action Shell Commercial!

We've got a treat for your inner Ferrari fan boy that'll make even the worst case of the Mondays disappear. This past weekend, as was alluded to earlier, the folks from Ferrari put together a 60-year celebration of epic proportions for the prancing horse brand. Rather than simply a big cake or everyone gathering… »6/25/07 9:45am6/25/07 9:45am