Shelby GT350 throws left-hook at BMW M4

Ford's Shelby GT350 Mustang throws a left hook at the BMW M4 – will it land the punch or miss the mark when it launches in 2015? » 11/30/14 10:58pm 11/30/14 10:58pm

Shelby GT350's flat-crank V8 sounds wicked, even in crappy phone video

Chris Cantle is at the Shelby GT350 event happening right now in LA. He sent me this. The resolution is phone-cam blur-o-vision. The sound is OH MY GOD WHERE DO I SELL A KIDNEY. Just listen. » 11/17/14 7:42pm 11/17/14 7:42pm

The 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350R looks excellent, sounds evil

The 2016 Shelby GT350R hit the Nürburgring today for testing, marking the car's first appearance in the wild sans the heavy burqas. The GT350 R is to the GT350 as the Laguna Seca was to the Boss 302. We say this is the R for two reasons—the big front splitter and the massive front brakes, which we believe to be… » 7/15/14 2:31pm 7/15/14 2:31pm

Is This The 2014 Mustang Shelby GT350?

One of our readers sent us an interesting find from a Cars and Coffee event in Irvine, California this morning: a car that appears to be the next Shelby GT350, cleverly hidden under a Mustang-shaped tarp. Whaaaa? (UPDATE: No it's not.) » 4/27/13 11:37am 4/27/13 11:37am

Would You Drive The ’66 Mustang Shelby GT 350?

Big muscle isn't for everyone, but those who are fans of lazy V8 power tend to like their cars fast in a straight line and little else. For many, this leaves the Shelby GT350 out in the cold, but would you drive it? » 8/03/12 7:00am 8/03/12 7:00am

Your second chance to own a Shelby GT350 Mustang

If you want a classic GT350 Mustang from the 1960s, you can wait for one to emerge from trash-filled sheds — or you can pay Oklahoma's Classic Recreations to build a like-new Shelby GT350 out of a '65 Mustang for $119,000. » 8/16/11 2:30pm 8/16/11 2:30pm

Your ridiculously awesome vintage Shelby wallpaper is here

Given the overwhelming support, we're turning this into a daily feature. Today's wallpaper is a classic Shelby GT 350 at Spa, shared by the great Julien Mahiels. The 1600-px version is here and the giganto-desktop version is on our Facebook page. » 3/09/11 5:15pm 3/09/11 5:15pm

2012 Shelby GT350 is pudgy and topless

We called the Shelby-built 2011 Shelby GT350 "one pudgy new Mustang" and the same holds true for the 2012 Shelby GT350, which adds a convertible top, two new colors and nothing much else. » 2/09/11 4:30pm 2/09/11 4:30pm

2012 Shelby GT350: First Photos

Someone working setup for the GM display at this week's Chicago Auto Show managed to snag a few images of the heretofore unseen 2012 Shelby GT350. Though the GT350 appears to be hanging out near the Ford booth, this introduction will actually mark the first time Shelby's unveiled a vehicle on their own at an auto show. » 2/08/11 8:30am 2/08/11 8:30am

2011 Shelby GT350: One Pudgy New Mustang

It may seem like sacrilege to ask this but, does the Shelby name mean anything anymore? The 2011 GT350 seems like a 'Stang with a supercharger and a chubby body kit. Considering the upgrade's $34K asking price, color us unexcited. » 1/19/10 12:01am 1/19/10 12:01am

$875,000 1965 Shelby GT 350 R Mustang Most Expensive Craigslist Car…

Sitting amid the Project Hell » 11/13/08 10:30am 11/13/08 10:30am cars is a very pricey "R" code '65 Shelby Mustang — a 1965 Shelby GT 350 R Mustang for $875,000 to be specific. The car's been placed on the block by the folks at , a high-end auto sales company in Metro Detroit. While we've no clue if the car, one of only 35 produced and "1 of 25 in the…