Barrett-Jackson: We Get A View Live From Stage, You See Shelby Give Away First-Born GT

Our insider snapping photos and videos out in Scottsdale at the big BJ auction managed to get themselves up on the stage and take some shots of Ford's newest Mustang derivative, the #001 serial-numbered Shelby Mustang GT. We've got the picture gallery below and according to the description from FoMoCo PR description… »1/21/07 1:26pm1/21/07 1:26pm

First-Look Video of Ford Shelby GT: Enter The New Mustang, Same As The Old?

You know, for all the hype surrounding this car, and as we reported earlier this morning, FoMoCo's taken some of the truly important pieces of the Ford GT (re: the brakes and tire tech) and dropped them into this new pony, it looks pretty much the exact same as a regular Mustang GT. In fact, so much so we're now… »8/14/06 9:30am8/14/06 9:30am