Volkswagen Sharan Spotted In Irvine

This past weekend at the 2007 VW Classic in Irvine, California we saw a lot of cool metal. I mean, Tempo Matador – what else do you want? Wild rumor and speculation had it there would be some new VWs in attendance. We were thinking a new Scirocco might be there, or even better, a new rear-engined little guy. No such… » 6/14/07 10:15am 6/14/07 10:15am

The Inverse of Alexander: Istanbul to Athens

A Phyrgian king had bound a chariot yoke/And Alexander cut the Gordian Knot/And legend said that who untied that knot/He would become the Master of Asia

» 5/10/07 10:30pm 5/10/07 10:30pm

Upon arrival in Istanbul, we were interned in a VIP lounge at the airport while the government figured out what to do with us. Meanwhile, the gigantic…