10 Strangest Cars Revealed At The 2008 Beijing Motor Show

The Beijing Motor Show traditionally warrants nothing more than a collective "meh" from the mainstream automotive media, but it certainly caught our attention this year. Bigger and better than ever, automakers from China and abroad have done everything to bring attention to their cars but put a gigantic stuffed… »4/28/08 12:30pm4/28/08 12:30pm

Chinese Automotive Ingenuity: Two Clones In One

Chinese Smart clones are nothing new. We even know how awful the Smart cloning working conditions are. But we have to tip our hat to the designers at Shanghuan Auto, who have taken their Noble clone and added the image of a Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide motorcycle to the side of it. At first we thought maybe this… »4/23/08 12:40pm4/23/08 12:40pm