And The Real Winner Is...

Serious LeMons fans know that the Index Of Effluency— given to the team that accomplishes the most with the crappiest car— is the true top prize, and the Dust-N-Debris Dodge Shadow utterly dominated the IOE this time around. » 5/09/10 11:55pm 5/09/10 11:55pm

Prenez De L'Avance Avec Chrysler: 1990 Dodge Shadow

Imagine a world where Detroit cars dominate, yet French » 9/03/08 11:00am 9/03/08 11:00am is the language! Yes, Quebec in 1990 was such a place, and Chrysler knew those wacky Habitants wouldn't be able to resist the allure of the Dodge Shadow… provided, of course, that local girl Céline Dion- or a lookalike- performed a very strange…

PCH, Affordable Shelby Edition: 1986 GLHS or 1989 CSX-VNT?

Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! The last time we slammed the rusty doors of the Hell Garage, the Million Euro Gardner-Serpollet beat the double-homicide Stanley Steamer by a significant- yet not overwhelming 57:43 ratio.… » 8/14/08 5:20pm 8/14/08 5:20pm

Jeeves, Fetch My 1040 HP Rolls, Would You?

Bugatti Veyron? Gauche. Bentley Continental T Red Badge? Slow. Rolls Royce Phantom? Piteously un-British. Why would you choose any of these rides when a 1040 HP, blown 592 Hemi-motivated, four-passenger Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is at your beck and call? We'll pause while you do a double take. That's right, this… » 7/21/08 12:20pm 7/21/08 12:20pm

Ol' Shel's Bastard Sons: The Shelby Dodges

Ah, the ignominious Eighties. Possibly the worst decade for cars since the Seventies, cars from the Greed Decade suffered from a lack of power, atrocious build-quality, and highly questionable and/or uninspired styling. Still, the manufacturers occasionally attempted to inject some fun into the vehicles. Case in… » 8/05/05 1:51pm 8/05/05 1:51pm