Two Seats, Golden Razor Blade Optional: 1978 Cadillac Opera

Now, this fine luxury two-seater's glovebox probably doesn't have a big bag of Quaaludes and the Disco Handbook inside, but it should! The Opera appears to be a '78 Seville with shortened passenger compartment and lengthened hood, courtesy of Cotellis Custom Coaches of (where else?) Miami, and this one has been bid up… » 6/09/08 7:15am 6/09/08 7:15am

8-6-4-Engined Cadillac Seville Both Horrible And Badass

We don't quite know what to say about this spectacular example of the pinnacle of GM 80's ingenuity by the name of "Airwolf." Then again, what can you say about a 1981 Cadillac Seville equipped with not only the legendary 8-6-4 V8, but also faux fur headliner and door trim, two pop up sun-roofs, ultra-classy wide… » 5/19/08 9:20am 5/19/08 9:20am