At About Half A Million Miles Make Sure To Inspect Various Components

I've had my daily driver 1973 Volkswagen Beetle a very long time. I got it right before I left North Carolina, where I grew up, to go to college. Before I left the Pine State, I had the car serviced on a few occasions by a local repair shop, Webster Import Service. My mom still takes her Passat there. » 9/20/12 1:30pm 9/20/12 1:30pm

The Lotus Elise Should Probably Be Serviced Anywhere But Orlando

This story hit the EliseTalk forums yesterday — it all starts with an Lotus owner in Orlando, FL who took his Elise into Goodyear to drop a new set of tires on his canary yellow grip-tight speedster. And the result was — well, let's just say we'd be laughing if we weren't crying so hard. Here's the story, straight… » 11/07/06 10:47am 11/07/06 10:47am

Toyota Drops A Big And Heavy 2007 Tundra Full-Size On Dealers And…

Toyota today unveiled the all-new 2007 Tundra full-size (as opposed to kiddie size?) pickup truck at a press conference at the new Toyota Technical Center in Ann Arbor, MI. With an overall length of 209.8 inches for the standard bed and 228.7 inches for the long bed, this is one big-ass truck — bigger than last… » 9/18/06 4:03pm 9/18/06 4:03pm