Continuing To Break Both Ways! DaimlerChrysler Down 2.3% — Chrysler Sales Down 3.8%, Mercedes Sales Up 13%

Yay, Mercedes! Boo, Chrysler! The German-American hybrid continues the schizophrenic mix of sales news this year, with two diametrically opposite numbers for the Chrysler Group and Mercedes. Overall, DaimlerChrysler sales fell to 188,761 units, including 168,888 Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep vehicles. Sales at Mercedes rose… »10/03/06 3:19pm10/03/06 3:19pm

Breaking! Ford Announces September Sales Up 5% — Cars Up 26.2%, Trucks Down 5.4%

FoMoCo's gone and boosted sales on the car side this past month by an astronomical 26.2% — helping to cut the damage from a drop in sales on the truck side by 5.4%. Not too shabby if you ask us. The jump in car sales came on the backs of the Ford Mustang (up 30.7%) the Ford Focus (up 20.9%) and the Fusion/Milan/MKZ… »10/03/06 2:19pm10/03/06 2:19pm