Separated At Birth: The Toyota FT-HS Concept Car And A StormTrooper

We'd have to say we're frankly quite surprised none of us on our own noticed the obvious stylistic reference points taken from the Empire's evil foot soldiers. But please, don't take our word for it — feel free to check the photo gallery below for further reference — then talk amongst yourselves. »1/17/07 5:18pm1/17/07 5:18pm

Separated at Birth: Lotus Elise and Tesla EV Roadster

The supra geniuses over at Sili Valley's Tesla motors have been unquick to admit their hot new EV is really a Lotus Elise in drag — or reduced drag, as the case may be. It's not that we're deriding their choice of underpinnings for the electric supercar; the Elise is perfect: light, well balanced and built by a… »11/30/06 12:50pm11/30/06 12:50pm