Before the Paris–Dakar, cool IBM-ers rode scooters around Dakar

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of its first patent, IBM has published a gallery of photos spanning a century which show its employees engaged in innovation. This incredibly cool bald man in sunglasses is part of the series. » 8/22/11 2:30pm 8/22/11 2:30pm

Automobile Mobile, A Lovely Music Video From West Africa

Senegalese musician Wasis Diop’s video for his song Automobile Mobile is a wonderfully analog, heartwarming series of snapshots about West African street life, featuring vehicles of every kind. [Hat tip to Natalie Polgar.] » 4/17/09 1:30pm 4/17/09 1:30pm

African Fiat Hoonage With Bob

Bob is on a mission- you can tell by the serious set of his Harry Callahan-esque shades, or from his eagerness to endanger the lives of schoolgirls, truck drivers, in fact entire towns with his batshit driving style. But mostly you can tell by looking at his car: the Fiat 131. This 1970s ad, targeted at… » 2/08/07 10:19am 2/08/07 10:19am

Doing the Dakar Rally on a Harley

Seeing as it's already Day 4 of the Dakar Rally and we've been lax in posting about the goings on over on the Portugal-Senegal run, we thought we'd toss out a link to Hog Wild Racing's blog. Scott Whitney and Duane McDowell are a couple of Southern California sidecar racers who have put together something that's a… » 1/03/06 3:17pm 1/03/06 3:17pm

Dakar Rally to Start From Lisbon, Feature Speed Limits

Forget fireworks and champagne-goggling subpar members of the opposite sex this New Year's. Instead, why not spend it bombing across Europe and North Africa in the Paris- Dakar Rally? The race, which begins New Year's Eve and continues through January 15th starts in Lisbon, Portugal this year for the first time. Also… » 11/23/05 12:34pm 11/23/05 12:34pm