Cash For Clunkers Gets $2 Billion Boost From Senate

The second-to-last obstacle to to continuing the Cash For Clunkers program, i.e. securing another $2 billion, has been removed with the Democrats successfully stopping the Republicans from adding any amendments to a vote of 65-32. » 8/06/09 6:05pm 8/06/09 6:05pm

Senate Likely To Pass $2 Billion Cash For Clunkers Extension Today

Senate Democrats will likely approve another $2 billion for Cash For Clunkers today. The catch? Republicans will be able to vote on an amendments for the bill, including one forcing the government to sell GM and Chrysler stake. » 8/06/09 9:15am 8/06/09 9:15am

New Car Tax Credit Added To Stimulus Package

Want a tax break? Buy a new hybrid, right? Wrong. A Senate amendment added to the House stimulus package offers tax breaks on purchase of practically any new vehicle under $50,000. If it passes. » 2/04/09 2:00pm 2/04/09 2:00pm

White House "Looking At All Options," Toyota Stock Drops 10%, Honda…

The Carpocalypse draws nigh after Senate Republicans lanced last night's bailout. In response, the White House now says "all options are on the table" and Toyota's scared after its stock drops 10%. » 12/12/08 9:40am 12/12/08 9:40am

Everyone's Using The "B-Word" Except The Not-So-Big Three

After scrutinizing not-so-Big Three CEO's testimony before the Senate yesterday to see who would and would not utter the dreaded "b-word" we noticed a pattern. Everyone was willing to publicly acknowledge the possibility except the chairmen of Ford, Chrysler and GM. If you don't say it, it can't happen right? hat tip… » 12/05/08 2:00pm 12/05/08 2:00pm

Sen. Larry Craig: Foreigners Shouldn't "Jerk Us Around By The Gas…

Senator Larry Craig (R-Bathroom Fondling) was the member with the balls to grandstand in front of the open Senate in pursuit of relaxing the congressional ban on offshore drilling ban on some coastal areas. From every other distinguished member of the Senate, this wouldn't be funny. But then again, not every other… » 7/18/08 10:00am 7/18/08 10:00am

Senate Passes Revised Energy Bill, Hybrid Escalades For All!

After much back and forth, including a veto threat and failure to get cloture, the energy bill has finally passed the Senate by a vote of 86-8. To get the votes, Democrats had to compromise on utility reductions and increasing taxes on oil companies. The new bill will require automakers to reach a Corporate Average… » 12/14/07 9:45am 12/14/07 9:45am

Breaking! GM CEO Rick Wagoner Live

If you're interested in seeing GM CEO Rick Wagoner testifying his undying love for a US prescription drug plan in front of the US Senate Select Committee on the Aging live and in the flesh, they've got a Real Media link for you to feast upon. Or if you don't want to watch (or like us, easily tire of bureacratic… » 7/13/06 11:21am 7/13/06 11:21am

Breaking! Mr. Wagoner Goes To Washington

Talk about going from one firing squad to the other. The day before GM CEO Rick Wagoner's set to meet with Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn on Kirk Kerkorian's desired topic of "Why Carlos Should Be The New Rick," he's got to make the trek out to Washington DC to testify in front of the Senate's Select Committee on… » 7/11/06 10:21am 7/11/06 10:21am

What Would Senators Drive...Two Blocks?

The one positive we gas guzzlers can think of about gas prices is the fertile ground it provides for politickin' — for midwestern Governor and federal electeds alike. That's why we totally loved the "behind the scenes" story the WaPo's throwing down today on the big Dem gas price presser yesterday. You've probably… » 4/27/06 4:04pm 4/27/06 4:04pm