Grain Truck FAIL

The procedure for offloading a grain truck includes pulling into the elevator, opening the dump gate and hydraulically lifting the bed until empty. It also requires lowering the bed before driving away. The last step is critical, as illustrated here. » 8/06/10 5:15pm 8/06/10 5:15pm

Canadian Trucker Fined For Smoking In Truck

Canadian truckers are furious after news of a lone driver being fined $305 by police for smoking in the cab of a truck he owned. The reason? Police considered it a work place, making it illegal to smoke there. » 10/15/09 2:30pm 10/15/09 2:30pm

"Rock Bottom" Is Biggest Hot Rod At Autorama

We're not quite sure how to size this 1995 Peterbuilt up as a hot rod. It was fabricated for something call the "Big-Rig Build-Off" and it certainly lives up to it's name "Rock Bottom". How many of those Crosley Davidsons do you thing could fit on that massive deck? No wonder the world chromium supplies are so… » 3/10/08 6:00pm 3/10/08 6:00pm