How To Wrap Your Car Mirrors In Carbon Fiber

So we noticed at SEMA this year that carbon fiber has become the new matte black. And if you remember, as we learned from SEMA last year, matte black is the new black. Now, because of a desire for the "carbon fiber look" — lovers of tuners of all shapes, colors and chrome appendages are taking the time-honored… » 11/26/07 10:45am 11/26/07 10:45am

The Hunks Of SEMA?

(Follow us as we lift the hood on the world of industrial automotive espionage in From The Car Spy's Dossier, a semi-regular series of road reports from A-list spy shooter Brenda Priddy and some of the world's greatest car spies!) So I thought it would be a good idea. All the bloggers go crazy with the "Girls of SEMA"… » 11/12/07 2:45pm 11/12/07 2:45pm

Pratt & Miller Confirm Corvette C6RS Production

The kids over at the Road that is ever-Winding got themselves the scoop straight from the press release of Pratt & Miller Engineering on the Corvette C6RS. Yes, the rumors are true, you too can own Jay Leno's ride — or at least one of a limited-edition run of the E85-powered sub-ZR1 modeled off Leno's car shown at the… » 11/05/07 3:45pm 11/05/07 3:45pm

SEMA 2007: APS Twin-Turbos The C6 ZO6 LS7 Engine

The folks over at Air Power Systems decided the 505 horses of stock output from the Z06's LS7 engine just wasn't enough for them. So the turbo-lovin' young punks took the stock engine and developed themselves a twin turbocharger kit, which they claim brings the engine's output up to an amazing 1100 rear-wheel HP. Nice… » 11/05/07 11:00am 11/05/07 11:00am

How Heico Sportiv "Chrome-Plated" The Volvo S80

Amidst all of the glitz and chrome of the SEMA show in Vegas, there was one concept car that stood out — mostly because the paint reflected so much light in the Las Vegas Convention Center you couldn't ignore it. This seemingly chrome-plated beast is the Heico Sportiv-tuned S80 T6 "High Performance Concept." To begin… » 11/05/07 10:15am 11/05/07 10:15am

SEMA 2007: Turbo Plumbing Bonanza, Part 2

Turbosmart doesn't manufacture turbochargers directly, but they do make everything else required to plumb together a forced induction system that works - even for sponsored drag cars. This Mustang from Murillo Motorsports packs not just one but two turbos mounted in the trunk. Intakes for the watermelon-sized hair… » 11/02/07 7:30pm 11/02/07 7:30pm

Fast Lane Daily Has A Bit Of A SEMA-ture Ejaculation With Chip Foose

Ashley Van Dyke over at the Lane that's Fast and Daily had a chit-chat today with Chip Foose where she doesn't even ask him what his promotional gameplan for Foosical: The Musical will be. Today's episode also includes a interview of Alex Zanardi by a man who's head is bald like a Gumball, has a last name of Roy… » 11/02/07 4:45pm 11/02/07 4:45pm

SEMA 2007: Purevision Gran Torino

While we could not locate Steve Strope the man at the SEMA, we did find his 1972 Ford Gran Torino. The latest from Purevision packs a 514 cubic inch Ford crate engine and a 4-speed top loader backed by a Gear Vendors overdrive that translates four into eight speeds. The heavy rides on Bonspeed wheels sized at a mere… » 11/02/07 2:30pm 11/02/07 2:30pm


Carbonetic is an offshoot of Across, which produces carbon-carbon composites using a patented method. The translation is that since they can make nearly anything out of carbon-carbon, they can also produce a series of clutches, limited slip differentials, and brake pads using the same stuff. What impressed us the most… » 11/01/07 2:45pm 11/01/07 2:45pm

SEMA 2007: Turbo Plumbing Bonanza, Part 1

You would be correct if you're thinking that we ran something like this from last year's friction materials SEMA convention accompanied by some random musings about Norse death metal. Thundering crescendos of dualing lead guitar aside, a year ago we only ran one image. Thanks to the ongoing miracle of the internets we… » 11/01/07 1:15pm 11/01/07 1:15pm

SEMA 2007: Plymouth GTX Wagon for 1968

The story goes the original owner of this wagon was dismayed to find that the Plymouth GTX came out just weeks after he purchased the mighty land yacht. So dismayed in fact he took it back down to the dealer and made them option it the same as a Belvedere-based Plymouth GTX coupe. A 440 with six-pack bolted to a… » 10/31/07 7:30pm 10/31/07 7:30pm

SEMA 2007: Twin-Turbo LS1 V7 Super Coupe in Vegas

The night and day efforts of three guys over the course of six months is under the lights here in sin city. Twin turbos on the LS1 helped twist the dyno to to read 1067 horsepower and 980 foot pounds of torque and make the V7 Super Coupe, as Phil from American Super Car put it - a D9 Cat in Corvette clothing. Right… » 10/31/07 4:00pm 10/31/07 4:00pm

SEMA 2007: Toyota Corolla XRS for 2009

From the bolt up a TRD supercharger department comes the 2009 Toyota Corolla XRS in blue. The new Corolla will be available in everything from the standard volume leader to the XRS shown here. The XRS packs the 158 horsepower version of the 2.4 liter engine under the hood with choice of five-speed manual or sequential… » 10/31/07 2:45pm 10/31/07 2:45pm

SEMA 2007: Toyota Matrix XRS Revealed

In celebration of Halloween and 50 years in America Toyota revealed the stock versions of the 2009 Corolla and Corolla Matrix. We looked for the aforementioned scantily clad sirens and nitrous bottles, but all we heard were scary noises. Both cars were said to have super aftermarket potential! The MillenWorks Matrix… » 10/31/07 2:15pm 10/31/07 2:15pm

2009 Toyota Corolla Unveiled

The new 2009 Toyota Corolla and 2009 Toyota Matrix were just unveiled here at the SEMA show in Vegas. For some reason the folks from the super number one best awesome automaker from the land of the rising sun decided to show off one set of vehicles, un-pimped ones, to the press at the Hilton across the street. Fear… » 10/31/07 2:01pm 10/31/07 2:01pm

2009 Toyota Matrix Unveiled...and Pimped

UPDATE: The new 2009 Toyota Corolla was also unveiled — all the shots are here. In addition to the over-pimped 2009 Toyota Corolla we saw a few minutes ago, the Toyota folks also unveiled an over-pimped 2009 Toyota Matrix. Yes, this is the new Matrix, only in an options-addition mode. We're waiting on Bumbeck's shots… » 10/31/07 2:00pm 10/31/07 2:00pm

SEMA 2007: Foose Flexes His Ford Muscles, Reveals Customized Ford Flex

Just for SEMA, Ford's let two designers have their way with their new people mover, the Ford Flex. First up is none other than the star of "Foosical: The Musical," Chip Foose. He's put his personal touch on the Flex by dropping Foose Design 22-inch wheels on the feet, and Eibach springs customized for "a lower… » 10/31/07 11:45am 10/31/07 11:45am

SEMA 2007: 50 Cent's 500 HP Custom Pontiac G8

Rapper 50 Cent took some time away from recording music and trying to grab a piece of Fast Lane Daily host Ashley Van Dyke, to customize a Pontiac G8. We're told he was absolutely instrumental in the design process — like when he said "I want a red car" and then "I want it to have a black stripe." Bingo, he got a "red… » 10/31/07 10:45am 10/31/07 10:45am

SEMA 2007: Dodge Caliber "Stormtrooper Jr"

If the Mopar-built Dodge Avenger concept we showed you earlier is named "Stormtrooper," then this here DUB edition Dodge Caliber is most assuredly "Stormtrooper Jr." Or, "Mini Stormtrooper" if you will. We've got no other information on it to give you, but we found it so gleamingly bright and white we thought we'd… » 10/31/07 10:15am 10/31/07 10:15am