Automobile Mag Tries To Park The Self-Parking And Ford-Hating Lexus…

The boys over at Automobile put together a funny little vid on one way to do a review of the new "self-parking" feature from the Lexus LS460. Basically the three (plus one man-behind-the-cam) auto journos decided that just parking the car on your own's easier than trying to play with the self-park system. Also, they… » 12/05/06 8:31am 12/05/06 8:31am

Ad Watch: The Lexus LS460 'Virtually' Parks Itself

Although we've yet to try the new Lexus out, ToMoCo's luxe brand's been getting a lot of buzz in TV's pundit-land, as well as among the great unwashed masses — but despite the glowing marketing, we've heard that the system is by no means perfect. Although, as the above commercial shows, the Lexus LS460 does seem to… » 11/20/06 11:47am 11/20/06 11:47am