​Hyundai Will Roll Out Autonomous Tech Starting This Year

Unlike nearly every other automaker, Hyundai has kept relatively quiet about the development of its autonomous driving technology. But at an event today in Seoul, the automaker announced plans to introduce its first round of self-driving technology beginning later this year. » 3/31/15 5:01pm Tuesday 5:01pm

This Tech Could Tell Cars When A Pedestrian Will Run Into The Street

For self-driving cars to work, they've got to do it all, and that includes navigating city streets where one of the biggest issues isn't just other cars, it's pedestrians. Humans have a sense of what a person will do based on their movements. Computers, not so much. Toyota has an idea how to fix that. » 2/19/15 6:55pm 2/19/15 6:55pm

An Old Guy's Take On Driverless Cars

I've been seeing a lot of 'Save the manuals' missives float past on blog pages and social media recently. Having never owned anything but sticks in 40 some odd years, I'm wondering if one will be available on the next new car I purchase. But it also reminds me of cars I've owned or driven that have had such fun… » 2/06/15 2:08pm 2/06/15 2:08pm

​Uber Is Opening A Robotics Lab To Start Work On Self-Driving Cars

Uber is reportedly building a robotics research lab in Pittsburgh, PA – home of Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute – to "kickstart autonomous tax fleet development." So it begins... » 2/02/15 5:15pm 2/02/15 5:15pm

This Is Mercedes-Benz's Vision For The Ultimate Future Of Luxury

Ask a dozen people to define "luxury" and you'll get a dozen different answers. Maybe even more than that. But at its core, luxury is about having the means to do what you want, when you want. That's what Mercedes-Benz is attempting to deliver with its fully-autonomous F 015 Luxury in Motion concept. » 1/05/15 11:31pm 1/05/15 11:31pm

​California DMV Will Blow Its Deadline On Rules For Self-Driving Cars

The California DMV set a deadline of January 1 to establish rules that would govern self-driving cars. The only problem is DMV officials can't figure out exactly how to set safety standards for robotic chauffeurs that are still years away from production.
» 12/22/14 4:22pm 12/22/14 4:22pm

​BMW Made A Car That Parks Itself By Talking To Your Watch

BMW is back at CES next month with a self-driving i3 that finds a space in a multi-story car lot, parks itself, and comes back to the driver when summoned through a smartwatch app. And it doesn't even need GPS.
» 12/15/14 1:55pm 12/15/14 1:55pm

​This Is How Bad Self-Driving Cars Suck In The Rain

Hyundai recently held its Future Automobile Technology Competition in South Korea, pitting 12 teams against each other to see which autonomous tech comes out on top. Only four teams made it to the final round, and on the second day, disaster. A strange liquid fell from the sky.
» 12/03/14 2:33pm 12/03/14 2:33pm

​BMW Is Testing Autonomous Cars In China Because It's Nuts

If you want to put your autonomous technology through the ringer, China is the obvious choice (India comes in a close second). That's where BMW is headed, teaming up with China's largest search engine – Baidu – to test its self-driving tech in Beijing and Shanghai. » 9/29/14 3:00pm 9/29/14 3:00pm

If Apple Made A Big Rig, It'd Probably Look Like This Mercedes

The Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 is a smooth swath of silver concealing soft LEDs. Oh yeah, it can also navigate crowded highways at speed while the driver takes a nap. » 9/25/14 10:15am 9/25/14 10:15am

​Total Moron Endangers Entire Highway To Prove Infiniti Can Drive Itself

The Active Lane Control on the Infiniti Q50 is good. Like, really good. But testing it on the highway by getting out of the driver's seat and into the back is stupid. Like, really, truly, epically stupid. » 8/07/14 7:29pm 8/07/14 7:29pm

This Toyota Scientist Is Wrong About Urban Sprawl And Self-Driving Cars

Ken Laberteaux is a senior principal scientist for Toyota North America, and he's convinced that self-driving cars will increase pollution, exacerbate urban sprawl, and ruin our families. I'm pretty sure there's something in there about killing kittens too, but I may have missed it in his haze of pessimistic,… » 7/18/14 2:00pm 7/18/14 2:00pm

​Will Autonomous Vehicles Breed 'Spam Cars'?

Anyone that's traveled to Vegas in the past decade has seen them. Trucks carrying massive billboards for gentlemen's clubs, shooting ranges, and way-off-the-Strip "services". Now remove the driver from the situation. Yup. It's spam IRL. » 6/20/14 4:53pm 6/20/14 4:53pm

Should People Be Allowed to Drink and "Drive" Self-Driving Cars?

Autonomous cars are coming soon, people, maybe as soon as 2015 if you live in California. And with them will be a whole set of new rules and regulations when it comes to driving. Or, ahem, not driving. » 3/18/14 6:13pm 3/18/14 6:13pm

Google Expands Autonomous Fleet With Hybrid Lexus RX450h

Google has added another family member to its autonomous vehicle program, and an eagle-eyed reader in Southern California caught the Big G's Lexus RX450h out and about during testing. » 4/16/12 7:00am 4/16/12 7:00am

How Do You Police Cars That Drive Themselves?

Google is already testing its autonomous cars on the roads of California, and plenty of other manufacturers are starting to muscle in on the act, too. But when they hit the roads, how do you go about policing a city full of self-driven cars? » 1/24/12 7:45pm 1/24/12 7:45pm