What Seinfeld Taught Us About Cars

Before Jerry Seinfeld started driving in cars and drinking coffee, he was the center of one of the best sit-coms of all time, Seinfeld. The show about nothing remains one of the most entertaining and ridiculous satires on the life of middle-aged yuppies with first world problems, but what many don’t realize is that… »5/17/15 12:40pm5/17/15 12:40pm


Acura Apologizes For Light-Skinned Language Used On Casting Sheet

Luxury automaker Acura has apologized for the "language" used in a casting call for their Super Bowl ad featuring Jerry Seinfeld that specified they didn't want a black actor who was "too dark" in the description. Nowhere in their apology do they seem to offer a mea culpa for wanting a light-skinned actor, just for… »4/18/12 2:30pm4/18/12 2:30pm

Jerry Seinfeld's Turquoise Porsche On eBay, What's The Deal With Yellow Seatbelts?

A one-of-a-kind 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo S owned by Jerry Seinfeld just went on eBay, and it's the perfect gift for that Porsche fan who also loves observational humor. What makes this Porsche so unique? Other than making it through Seinfeld's ownership unrolled, it's the only one of its kind with the "Blue Turquoise"… »7/14/08 5:00pm7/14/08 5:00pm

What Car Would You Like To Flip Like Jerry Seinfeld?

If you flipped your 1986 Crown Victoria it wouldn't be news unless it landed on someone famous. But Jerry Seinfield flips a Fiat, a Fiat BTM mystery car, and it's suddenly the biggest news of the day. He walked away from it, but because he made jokes about "shrinkage" he's all of a sudden dominating coverage. As much… »4/03/08 11:40am4/03/08 11:40am