What would you ask the nominee for Secretary of Transportation?

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If Gearheads Got To Pick The Next Transportation Secretary

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Why We Should All Be Glad Ray LaHood Won't Be Transportation Secretary…

Ray LaHood announced this week that he won't continue on as the U.S. Secretary of Transportation for President Obama's second term, taking the most aggressive campaign against distracted driving ever put forth by the government with him as he departs. » 1/30/13 4:00pm 1/30/13 4:00pm

Transportation Secretary To Toyota Owners: Stop Driving Recalled Cars

According to Reuters, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood told drivers of recalled Toyotas to stop driving their cars. OMG! EVERYONE PANIC! UPDATE! EVERYONE DON'T PANIC! » 2/03/10 10:50am 2/03/10 10:50am