When The CIA Proved That A Boeing 727 Can Perform Air Drops

The CIA, via its contractor Southern Air Transport, operated four 727s during the Vietnam War. These jets were "convertible" from cargo to passenger configurations and featured a cargo door in the forward fuselage. Yet the CIA figured out that they could not only haul cargo and passengers, but they could also drop… »4/22/14 7:26pm4/22/14 7:26pm


Another Triangular Mystery Aircraft Spotted Over The U.S.

Twice in a little over a month, photos of unknown triangular aircraft have been revealed to America. The aircraft depicted above, shot by photographer Jeff Templin of Wichita, also happens to match the trio of flying wings photographed flying over Amarillo Texas five weeks ago. This new photo, along with other… »4/18/14 12:51pm4/18/14 12:51pm

Meet The Doctor-Engineer Who Basically Invented The Modern Racing Game

Chances are good that if you read yesterday's post about that racing simulator, you're a fan of racing games. And, chances are also good that the racing games you play and love so damn much are first-person — basically, where you're looking out of — or over — the windshield. Let's meet the unsung German engineer who,… »5/02/12 2:00pm5/02/12 2:00pm

Showcasing Da Future: With Eyes Wide Shut, Ford Looks Way Forward

FoMoCo opened up their legs today to show the future between — and unfortunately, we made a "Bold Move" and checked out what they had to say and show. Although it's not in my nature to be mysterious, I can't talk about it and I can't talk about why. But ok, alright, I give — what I can say is there are all sorts of… »12/12/06 2:11pm12/12/06 2:11pm