Coming to a Second Life Near You: Mazda to Launch Hakaze Concept in Cyberspace

Later this month, denizens of that placeless cyberplace, Second Life, will get a sneak preview of Mazda's Hakaze concept car, ahead of its debut in three dimensions at the Geneva show. Mazda's following the lead of Toyota's Scion, which has been running 3D campaigns in Second Life since August, 2006. Scion also plans… »2/06/07 6:19am2/06/07 6:19am

Scion xD, Next-Gen xB Coming to Chicago, Virtual Reality

The guys at ScionLife recently got a look at the new Scion xD — the company's more sedan-like replacement for the xA — at some sort of no-photography event where alcohol was served. One of them sketched what he saw (above), despite being a few sheets toward the Tropic of Capricorn. It's the best we're getting until … »1/23/07 8:15am1/23/07 8:15am