The Dog Ate Our 10Q: Delphi Delays First Quarter Earnings Report

Delphi's kinda like that kid in class who never seems to be able to get his math homework in on time, with assignment after assignment piling up on top of each other. One day, the kid finds himself with a seemingly insurmountable mountain of homework and missed assignments to do. And then he's gotta choose — do all… » 5/11/06 10:41pm 5/11/06 10:41pm

Oopsie! Bean Counter Mishap At The General (Again...)

One would think with the eyes of the SEC already firmly afixed upon you, now would not be the best time for accounting misstatements to come to light. Or maybe it is, how would we know? Our version of accounting is figuring out how many drinks we had the night before by the number of fingers we can see in front of us… » 3/20/06 10:25am 3/20/06 10:25am