Will Red Bull's RB10 Win Every Race This Year?

Here's Adrian Newey's latest work of automotive art which, if history repeats itself, will yet again dominate the F1 calendar. The RB10 looks especially promising since it's pretty, and the good looking cars are usually the fast ones, too. » 1/28/14 9:00am 1/28/14 9:00am

Sebastian Vettel Channels His Inner Ricky Bobby After Qualifying First

Magical race-winning superhero and donut enthusiast qualified first for tomorrow's U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, because of course he did. And after securing the pole following a tight battle with teammate Mark Webber, Vettel celebrated with an appropriately Texas remark: "Shake and bake, baby." » 11/16/13 2:31pm 11/16/13 2:31pm

Yes, Vettel Will Continue To Do Donuts After He Wins

I had the chance to get extremely sideways in an Infiniti Q50 with four-time F1 world champ Sebastian Vettel yesterday and, soon, I expect we'll have video of that encounter. In the meantime, I got an answer to one of your questions from the champ himself. » 11/14/13 10:05am 11/14/13 10:05am

Watch Sebastian Vettel Show The FIA Where They Can Stick Their Fines

In one of the finest bits of celebrating this season, already-champ Sebastian Vettel both channeled his inner-Kimi Raikkonen and told the governing body to shove it, all at once. » 11/03/13 8:15pm 11/03/13 8:15pm

Sebastian Vettel Is Your 2013 Formula One World Champion

Spoiler Alert: Now that the race has aired in the US, I feel comfortable saying congratulations to Sebastian Vettel. With his win today at the Indian Grand Prix, the German is the 2013 Formula One World Champion. Good job, Seb, on becoming a quadruple champ! » 10/27/13 4:05pm 10/27/13 4:05pm

Red Bull May Have Invented A Secret New Hybrid Technology

At the Singapore Grand Prix two weekends ago, Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel won by an unbelievable 32 second margin over his closest rival. Seriously, it's unbelievable. Now F1 experts believe that Red Bull Racing's F1 engineers may have invented a new kind of traction control that links the car's hybrid engine to… » 10/08/13 3:43pm 10/08/13 3:43pm