How We're Going To Beat Sebastian Vettel, For America

Infiniti Red Bull Driver Sebastian Vettel became the youngest F1 Champion of all time, which he followed up by becoming the youngest double, triple and quadruple F1 World Champion of all time. It doesn't matter, we've been given the chance to best him at one of the world's best race tracks. Here's how we do it. » 7/03/14 1:20pm 7/03/14 1:20pm

Sebastian Vettel Channels His Inner Ricky Bobby After Qualifying First

Magical race-winning superhero and donut enthusiast qualified first for tomorrow's U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, because of course he did. And after securing the pole following a tight battle with teammate Mark Webber, Vettel celebrated with an appropriately Texas remark: "Shake and bake, baby." » 11/16/13 2:31pm 11/16/13 2:31pm