No, Mister Bond, I Expect You to Regress: German Citroen C6 Spot

If a Citroen C6 can take Sean Connery back 40 years in age, we're sort of afraid to drive one. We'd be pre-zygotic before we reached out destination. Creepy. » 3/02/07 10:45pm 3/02/07 10:45pm

Funke, Tobias Funke: Zetche Gets a Send-Off From Connery, Mulls smart…

Dieter's adoring North American dealers put together quite a soiree for the departing Chrysler Division chief as he heads off to his homeland to take the reins of the whole freakin' enchilada, including direct stewardship of its ailing Mercedes brand. Equipping everyone's favorite David Cross doppelg nger (could it… » 11/18/05 3:41pm 11/18/05 3:41pm