This Secretive Island Has Fake City For Navy SEALs To Train On

Navy SEALs are known for their incredible abilities to sneak into well guarded places undetected and taking down enemy threats with incredible violence of action. One of the places they practice such capabilities is in a custom built city located on a secretive wind-swept island off the California coast. »7/03/14 5:21pm7/03/14 5:21pm

That Downed US Aircraft Was a Secret Stealth Helicopter

US Special Forces lost a helicopter in their mission to take down Osama bin Laden. And while previous reports—and a peek at the tail—have so far indicated that it was a Black Hawk MH-60, the latest speculation is that this wasn't just your average berzerker chopper. It was a secret stealth edition. No wonder they… »5/03/11 3:24pm5/03/11 3:24pm