That Downed US Aircraft Was a Secret Stealth Helicopter

US Special Forces lost a helicopter in their mission to take down Osama bin Laden. And while previous reports—and a peek at the tail—have so far indicated that it was a Black Hawk MH-60, the latest speculation is that this wasn't just your average berzerker chopper. It was a secret stealth edition. No wonder they… »5/03/11 3:24pm5/03/11 3:24pm


ALUMINUM UND SEAL! Audi Q7 Bluetec Reveal in Detroit

Audi unveiled their new Bluetec TDI Q7 this afternoon alongside the V12 TDI Q7 Concept, which twists out a rather stonking 1,000 newton-meters of torque (738 lb. ft). The scuttlebutt on the street is that the R10-derived mill is a likely candidate to take up residence under the hood of production models in a year or… »1/07/07 5:45pm1/07/07 5:45pm