Island of Misfit Toys

From the station wagon far ahead of its time still rolling into the future department comes this fine AMC Eagle 4X4 spotted in a parking lot in fabulous La Crescenta, California. While we've seen plenty of plastered with punk rock stickers Toyota Corollas, and even a Nissan Axxess, this is the first time we've ever… » 4/17/07 3:30pm 4/17/07 3:30pm

Holy Crap! It's the Seagle!

Lew, hero and friend to all, has been working with the crew at ad agency Nemo Design, who in turn, have been collaborating with Nike on the campaign for Nike 6.0, the athleticwear giant's action-sports brand. And what hath all of this collaboration wrought? The goddamn Seagle! We don't care if the thing was built as… » 6/29/06 5:00pm 6/29/06 5:00pm