Race Caws! Stunt Caws! Super Loopa!

Thunderjet and AFX slot cars manufactured by the Aurora Plastics Corporation of West Hempstead, New York forever etched racing cars into the minds of impressionable youth. The company also made some forays into gravity powered Hot Wheels style racing toys. By the looks of this old commercial for their Speedline… » 3/14/07 3:29pm 3/14/07 3:29pm

Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: Vintage HO Slot Cars

For those who have just about given up on ever owning a '68 Firebird comes vintage HO slot cars. The original HO slot cars were from England, and powered by some manner of electrically powered vibrating reed and gear system. They didn't work very well. Aurora Model Motoring racing sets featured the much improved… » 12/12/06 4:24pm 12/12/06 4:24pm

Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: SUPER SLOT CAR SET!

While racing around in pixel-perfect versions of F1 cars via PS3 is all fine and good, nothing beats physically flipping your opponent's highly detailed, 1/32 scale model of a Ferrari — out of which a certain stoic German recently retired — right off the track. With a price tag just a shade over 120 clams for this… » 12/05/06 2:35pm 12/05/06 2:35pm

Mini Slot Car A-Team Elvis Mayhem

Before video games and remote control cars that run on nitromethane became commonplace under the old tree, a slot car set was the coolest thing a wee lad could expect to rip into on the most awesome of mornings. While racing tiny versions of the coolest cars around on the plastic track and pretending one was Jackie… » 12/05/06 12:47pm 12/05/06 12:47pm