Student Builds '65 Mustang from 4,000 Beer Cans

One of the benefits to alcoholism is the sheer quantity raw materials you can accumulate. And considering aluminum is the weight-saving metal of choice among carmakers, perhaps it would behoove the auto industry to be run by a bunch of drunks. That's not to say the guy who built this '65 Mustang facsimile out of Bud… » 8/02/07 9:27am 8/02/07 9:27am

Australian Sculptor Fiddles With Car Bits

Daniel Clammett, a New South Wales sculptor and bodyman, got his start due to nearly failing an art class. As a last-ditch measure to obtain a passing grade, he welded up some kind of monster in his dad's body shop, and Bob's your uncle, the piece sold. He only uses dented-beyond-repair panels in his pieces, saying… » 10/12/06 2:00pm 10/12/06 2:00pm

Hanging Gardens of F1: Dissected Racer at the British Motor Show

It's not a crash scene from "Formula One: The Puppet Show," it's an F1 car done up Hanging Gardens of Babylon style at the British International Motor Show — all of its sundry parts suspended from the ceiling by cables. How bettter to imbue the sport of shikhs with properly Londonesque art-geek pretense? Right, the… » 7/19/06 12:50pm 7/19/06 12:50pm

One Hundred Thousand in Car on the Wall: Lamborghini as Art

We had an idea to do this, or something like it, about 20 years ago — that is, hang a Lamborghini Countach on a wall as an objet d'arte. Of course, we were (and still are) light by the two million in Newport Beach bux going into a new house for Richard Moriarity, vinyard owner, '80s party promoter and heir to a… » 5/15/06 10:04am 5/15/06 10:04am

Parts Art: BMW Sponsors Sculpture Project

Those high-minded conceptualists in the Vehicle Design program at the Royal College of Art took a break from sketching dashboard binnacles to produce a string of artworks using only BMW parts for inspiration. From 14 entries, submitted as designs, a panel of judges selected five, which were subsequently realized with… » 4/10/06 9:10am 4/10/06 9:10am