Artist creates beautiful resin sculptures of vintage Porsches

Go behind the scenes with French automotive artist, Stéphane DuFour as he creates a one-of-a-kind resin sculpture of the Benton Performance La Carrera Panamericana racer, a 1962 Porsche 356b, for friend and mechanic John Benton. » 7/12/14 2:53pm 7/12/14 2:53pm

The Violation of Vancouver's Volkswagen Sculpture

An open air sculpture installation in Vancouver, Canada full of three-foot long Volkswagen Beetle sculptures was vandalized last week. One of the sculptures has even been stolen for the second time this year. » 12/04/10 4:00pm 12/04/10 4:00pm

Home-Made Autobots Protect Chinese Scrap Yard From Decepticon Invasion

These creations built by a Chinese scrap yard owner won't be on the big screen in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen » 10/10/08 2:20pm 10/10/08 2:20pm, but that doesn't mean they aren't just as cool as or . Of course, since these Autobots are just sculptures made from junked car parts, they're not able to transform back to vehicle mode. With…

Student Builds '65 Mustang from 4,000 Beer Cans

One of the benefits to alcoholism is the sheer quantity raw materials you can accumulate. And considering aluminum is the weight-saving metal of choice among carmakers, perhaps it would behoove the auto industry to be run by a bunch of drunks. That's not to say the guy who built this '65 Mustang facsimile out of Bud… » 8/02/07 9:27am 8/02/07 9:27am

Australian Sculptor Fiddles With Car Bits

Daniel Clammett, a New South Wales sculptor and bodyman, got his start due to nearly failing an art class. As a last-ditch measure to obtain a passing grade, he welded up some kind of monster in his dad's body shop, and Bob's your uncle, the piece sold. He only uses dented-beyond-repair panels in his pieces, saying… » 10/12/06 2:00pm 10/12/06 2:00pm

Sliced Civic

The Honda Civic wagon was arguably one of the workhorses of the suburban landscape of the middle to late '70s. But skip ahead 30 years, and add one chain saw and a few semesters at art college, and it's conceptual sculpture. At least someone could have raked the leaves. » 8/29/06 12:42pm 8/29/06 12:42pm

Hanging Gardens of F1: Dissected Racer at the British Motor Show

It's not a crash scene from "Formula One: The Puppet Show," it's an F1 car done up Hanging Gardens of Babylon style at the British International Motor Show — all of its sundry parts suspended from the ceiling by cables. How bettter to imbue the sport of shikhs with properly Londonesque art-geek pretense? Right, the… » 7/19/06 12:50pm 7/19/06 12:50pm

Aztec Mini: Anthony Wilson Strikes Back

As Francis Bacon said, "The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery." (Mmmm, bacon.) As such, petrolheads in the UK are none too pleased with sculptor Anthony Wilson, who forms his own mysterious works from pieces of classic cars. Take, for example, "Aztec Scorpion" (pictured), one of his latest, which… » 6/01/06 9:56am 6/01/06 9:56am

One Hundred Thousand in Car on the Wall: Lamborghini as Art

We had an idea to do this, or something like it, about 20 years ago — that is, hang a Lamborghini Countach on a wall as an objet d'arte. Of course, we were (and still are) light by the two million in Newport Beach bux going into a new house for Richard Moriarity, vinyard owner, '80s party promoter and heir to a… » 5/15/06 10:04am 5/15/06 10:04am

Parts Art: BMW Sponsors Sculpture Project

Those high-minded conceptualists in the Vehicle Design program at the Royal College of Art took a break from sketching dashboard binnacles to produce a string of artworks using only BMW parts for inspiration. From 14 entries, submitted as designs, a panel of judges selected five, which were subsequently realized with… » 4/10/06 9:10am 4/10/06 9:10am

Corregated Rod

Sculptor Chris Gilmour is known for rendering conveyances — like wheelchairs, a Vespa and a Fiat Cinquecento — in cardboard at full scale. His latest work is a finely detailed Model A hot rod, titled "Ford," which is on display today (run!) at the Pulse show in NYC. » 3/13/06 11:31am 3/13/06 11:31am