More Goodies At Audi Super Bowl Commercial Site

As a quick aside to our Super Bowl commercial watching — in addition to the hilarious "Godfather" Audi Super Bowl commercial, the "Truth In Engineering" site is also home to a bunch of high-production value videos, each a riff off the "Truth In..." thing the Auto Union's got going on. All of them are sure to delight… » 2/03/08 3:57pm 2/03/08 3:57pm

California Love: Audi Seeking to Go a Bit More "West Coast"

Scott Keogh, Audi of America's chief marketing officer says the multi-ringed brand all about precision's got an evolving style of luxury. Speaking at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit, Keogh says at the moment there are two different kinds of luxury battling it out in the marketplace. The first is "old… » 1/25/08 8:30am 1/25/08 8:30am