Abandoned Cruise Ship Full of Starving Rats Headed For Land

A ghost ship filled with cannibal rats is floating somewhere off the coast of Scotland, ready to crash ashore and unleash its disease-ridden cargo of starving rodents. And it's all because Canadian authorities let the Soviet-era nightmare liner loose in the North Atlantic, satisfied that it was no longer a threat to… » 1/23/14 2:38pm 1/23/14 2:38pm

These Vintage Photos Capture Life In Britain's Strangest Police Force

The Northern Constabulary was the territorial police force responsible for Northern Scotland from 1975 until this year. It was the agency responsibly for covering the largest geographical area in the UK, equivalent to the size of Belgium, but was one of the smallest in terms of officers, with about 715 personnel. » 9/30/13 1:40pm 9/30/13 1:40pm

Great Scot! Susie Stoddart Is Scotland's Favorite Racing Export

Recently, racing has been an easier path for women attempting to make a name for themselves professionally than, say, football. With the exception of rallying, this access has come with an expectation that your sexuality will be part of your outward racing persona, something that Richard Petty never had to endure. If… » 4/07/08 1:30pm 4/07/08 1:30pm