A Morass of Mid-Atlantic Merkurs

Alluring (asinine) alliteration aside, allow me to set the scene for a rare sighting. You are a Boy Scout in a suburb of the nation’s capital. As a Troop, on this fine Saturday morning, you are out delivering mulch, the lifeblood of a fundraising operation. On your fourth trailer load of the day, your back is… » 3/17/13 6:57pm 3/17/13 6:57pm

CH Design Scorpio: A Car Albert Brooks Would Be Proud Of

The Chinese are continuing to impress us with their stylistic variations on contemporary supercar styling. Unlike the obvious knockoffs, these cars expand on themes established by European designers. One example is the Geely GT, which draws inspiration from the Maybach Exelero while still maintaing its own design.… » 4/25/08 6:20pm 4/25/08 6:20pm