This Diesel-Powered Scooter Packs More Utility Than a Swiss Army Knife

If I started telling you about a new all-wheel-drive, turbodiesel-powered off-roader, you'd probably think I was talking about a 4x4 truck or SUV, right? Wrong. Check out the RNT, a concept from Indian motorcycle company Hero that could be the only back-country survival tool a motorcycle adventurer would ever need. » 2/08/14 10:40am 2/08/14 10:40am

A Vespa Had to Die For the Segway to Look Cool

If the only thing stopping you from riding around town on a Segway is, well, looking like someone riding around town on a Segway, this enhanced version might make you a little less hesitant about being seen in public on one. And it's all thanks to a handful of Vespa scooters that had to sacrifice their lives for this… » 12/13/13 10:33am 12/13/13 10:33am

Acton M Mobility Scooter: The Jalopnik Wheeled Thing Review

One of the things I like best about working at Jalopnik (other than Chili-Chuggin' Tuesdays) is that we'll happily cover almost any form of transportation. Cars, planes, trains, hovercraft, submarines, spaceships, whatever. Which is why I was able to test out the pre-production Acton M Mobility Scooter. » 11/29/13 3:00pm 11/29/13 3:00pm

Take A Ride On The Wild Side With A Honda Scooter

The 1980s were a weird time, what with its big hair and even bigger rock 'n' roll, but one of its greatest quirks was its pure, unbridled commercialism. People think Wall Street created an era, but that film was more a product of its time. And who better to sell a product from these times, than Lou Reed? » 9/07/13 9:00am 9/07/13 9:00am