There's No Substitute For A Classic Vespa

If you believe a scooter should be made of lightweight aluminum instead of plastics and have Italian origins instead of Japanese, old Lambrettas and Vespas await you out there! » 11/25/14 3:15pm 11/25/14 3:15pm

The Clever Mini Citysurfer Concept Solves The City Parking Conundrum

With a range of 10-15 miles, a top speed of 15 mph and a charging socket integrated into its holder for your smartphone the Mini Citysurfer Concept is an ingenious solution to the challenges of owning a car in an urban area. » 11/20/14 8:50am 11/20/14 8:50am

Max Prince can't un-see what he saw at SEMA

At 8:30am, I fall in with the masses being herded into Las Vegas Convention Center for the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. More than 135,000 people will pass through these limo-tinted doors before Saturday, and I'm told there's no way any one meager man can see everything that's inside. It's the… » 11/14/14 4:05pm 11/14/14 4:05pm

This All-Scooter Traffic Jam Is Unbelievably Huge

We all know that scooters are incredibly popular in southeast and east Asia, but it's hard to understand just how popular they really are. Until you see this traffic jam. » 7/14/14 1:31pm 7/14/14 1:31pm

Taiwan's Sea of Scooters Is a Sight to Behold

This Diesel-Powered Scooter Packs More Utility Than a Swiss Army Knife

If I started telling you about a new all-wheel-drive, turbodiesel-powered off-roader, you'd probably think I was talking about a 4x4 truck or SUV, right? Wrong. Check out the RNT, a concept from Indian motorcycle company Hero that could be the only back-country survival tool a motorcycle adventurer would ever need. » 2/08/14 10:40am 2/08/14 10:40am

A Vespa Had to Die For the Segway to Look Cool

If the only thing stopping you from riding around town on a Segway is, well, looking like someone riding around town on a Segway, this enhanced version might make you a little less hesitant about being seen in public on one. And it's all thanks to a handful of Vespa scooters that had to sacrifice their lives for this… » 12/13/13 10:33am 12/13/13 10:33am

Acton M Mobility Scooter: The Jalopnik Wheeled Thing Review

One of the things I like best about working at Jalopnik (other than Chili-Chuggin' Tuesdays) is that we'll happily cover almost any form of transportation. Cars, planes, trains, hovercraft, submarines, spaceships, whatever. Which is why I was able to test out the pre-production Acton M Mobility Scooter. » 11/29/13 3:00pm 11/29/13 3:00pm

Take A Ride On The Wild Side With A Honda Scooter

The 1980s were a weird time, what with its big hair and even bigger rock 'n' roll, but one of its greatest quirks was its pure, unbridled commercialism. People think Wall Street created an era, but that film was more a product of its time. And who better to sell a product from these times, than Lou Reed? » 9/07/13 9:00am 9/07/13 9:00am

Totally Safe Parents Pull Baby Carriage On Scooter

Here we see two people turning onto a major road on a scooter pulling a baby carriage behind them. Please tell me there's no baby in that baby carriage. » 5/15/13 3:09pm 5/15/13 3:09pm

This Video Shows Why You Always Always Always Wear A Helmet

I can't explain why this scooter rider plows straight into the train crossing bar face first, or why such a humorously tiny train passes by afterwards. I do know the rider is okay, and that it's safe to laugh. » 5/13/13 11:43am 5/13/13 11:43am

World's Laziest Pizza Delivery Guy Takes The Subway On His Scooter…

Taking the subway (streetcar?) to deliver pizza when you're already riding a scooter sets new standards in laziness. » 6/15/12 4:00pm 6/15/12 4:00pm

Before the Paris–Dakar, cool IBM-ers rode scooters around Dakar

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of its first patent, IBM has published a gallery of photos spanning a century which show its employees engaged in innovation. This incredibly cool bald man in sunglasses is part of the series. » 8/22/11 2:30pm 8/22/11 2:30pm

Elderly man almost barbecued by exploding Hoveround

An elderly UK man on his way to a flea market was, by his own account, nearly "barbecued" when his mobility scooter burst into flames. » 8/04/11 4:30pm 8/04/11 4:30pm

Devo says: Always wear your helmet!

Our fab new site is just the place to see thirty seconds of corporate sellout from 1984 which somehow isn’t tacky: Devo peddling totally space age Honda scooters. The goggles! Dear lord, the goggles. » 2/01/11 4:20pm 2/01/11 4:20pm

Watch An Electric Wheelchair Rider Take The Freeway Exit

The people who make electric scooters like to advertise how they can take their elderly riders anywhere. There's probably a fine-print exemption to "anywhere" that includes the shoulders of busy freeways. This owner did not read the fine print. » 1/07/11 10:30am 1/07/11 10:30am